Western Astrology Course

Western Astrology Course from Michael Conneely

My Worldwide Western Astrology Course comes in two Levels:
Level 1 is a sound Foundation to interpreting the Astrology Birth Chart, including Psychodynamic Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology.
Level 2 has a focus of the study that is more deeply philosophical and spiritual and issues of enlightened awareness pervade the course. Importantly, the Level 2 course includes predictive astrology.

My approach as Your Teacher:

The astrological teaching and perception offered will be expert and caring, also thoroughly grounded and authentic. This is because all principles being taught will be applied to the charts of actual people: your chart and mine.
I have worked as an astrologer for twenty two years and I have attended a number of western and Vedic Astrology Courses myself. I have completed a university-based five-year Ethnography: a social anthropological field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west comprising Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and Utopian Community. I have five university degrees, including from Oxford University, and I am dedicated to the best in caring teaching methods like the Oxford University Tutorial system that I myself benefited from in the late 1960s. I have teaching and counselling qualifications.

My Very Special Teaching Methods:

I avoid legalistic or formulaic teaching because all the perceptions generated by the western or Vedic Astrology will be authentically linked to our two charts and lives (yours and mine) and will have pointers to healing methods and because teaching methods will include art work, embodiment work, vision work and empowerment dimensions as well as the top quality astrological perception. Myth is a wonderful and crucial guideline to understanding. We use psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work, Family Constellation Work. There is a vibrant students’ Face Book where you can share your questions, insights and interests with each other. These Courses are to a high level of awareness that you can incorporate into your life. The Courses are certificated subject to satisfactory standard of completion.

What do my astrology courses give you?
These courses are a depth personal journey of self-discovery for every student.
You come to deep personal understanding of your own individual life story and the nature of your self.
They offer a gateway to the enlightened perception, psychological depth-awareness, healing, inspiration and empowerment that is western Astrology at its best?
You can discover from this most ancient enlightened wisdom-source, a guide statement to your incarnational life purpose, your life-scripts and karmas, your path of transcendence, your current life, your relationships and your future? your psychodynamic astrology and an understanding of your Evolutionary Astrology?
You can learn vastly sophisticated, sure and accurate keys to understanding?
You receive expert, trained and sound guidance as you learn astrology?
This is an astrology course that is not only technically learned and linked to healing modalities and psychological validity. It is a course that is caring and genuine and gives unique levels of student support and communication?
My dream is to share western astrology in a way that reflects a raised level of awareness and is freed from the flaky ungroundedness, showmanship and loss of technical centeredness that I feel has so harmed western astrology since the 1990s (when so many of the astrology groups closed). The astrology glitz merchants can actually help people lose themselves because their utterances do not guide their followers to any authentic testable system; their utterances in no way promote grounded healing and empowerment.

​So, here is my dream offering to you: The Enlightened Astrology Course:

There are the following very special features to my Enlightened Astrology Course:
The Enlightened Astrology Course is genuinely caring and genuinely expert. It proceeds from Beginner to Master levels of astrological interpretation. It is spiritual, psychologically grounded and visionary, and it is rooted in enlightened awareness of the phenomena of both your birth chart and your own personal and unique predictive unfoldment. This course encompasses evolutionary astrology and it anchors into your incarnational life purpose and the evolutionary path of your soul.

Worldwide Webinar Series:

Each Course Level comes complete with a Worldwide Webinar Series. You can decide how best to integrate the webinars and your course work:

Firstly, you can do the coursework of the linked course at the same time as following the Webinars.

Or you can do the linked course work later after the webinars have ended.

Or can just participate in the webinars and not do the linked course work at all.

How do my Astrology Courses work?
Each of my webinar-linked courses embodies four strands:

  1. The first strand is applied astrology: you study the planets one by one, first in your chart and then in my chart.
  2. You alternate this applied study with study of the Rules Consolidation Documents which I send you and exercises arising from these.
  3. The Webinars add another different dimension. They afford stimulation to help us keep going through the written course, as well as sharing with each other. In all cases the webinars will be related to our personal charts in the case of every topic they cover.

D: in all cases there will be a linking of the astrological perception gained from the course to approaches of healing and empowerment; use of art and embodiment work, and for example: psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work, where applicable. At additional cost, a very wide range of skilled worldwide Healing Modalities is additionally available if you would feel this to be individually beneficial.

There is full detail of the topics taught in each webinar series on the relevant course website. It is up to you how much work you do on each of the written course modules. There is no set time in which the course has to be completed, this is partly to accommodate individual circumstances and partly to enable you to go as deeply as you wish into each topic.

My Level 1 Astrology Course:

With reference to our two focus charts, you study the planets of western astrology each in turn, alternating this with a study of the techniques of analysis of psychodynamic and evolutionary astrology. So, for each planet you learn and visualise the nature of its archetype, the sign and house it occupies, aspects formed to the planet, hemisphere, quadrant and Chart Angles issues, how to use and apply the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ (or harmonious and challenging), Levels of manifestation, Modalities, Elements, Polarity, Chart aspect shapes, concepts of strength and weakness, and stress in a planet’s sign position, the Filters Model, and most importantly: Nature v Nurture indications

My Level 2 Astrology Course:

Again with reference to the two focus charts: yours and mine, the Level 2 Course Modules are as follows:
Advanced Chart Shapes analysis, Models of consciousness in the birth chart, Ego planets and transpersonal planets, Levels of Spiritual Awareness in interpreting the planets in our charts, Models of individuation, self-development and comparisons with Vedic phenomenology of Maha Maya and self-realisation. We study chart axes and polarity of axes, the Nodes of the Moon and the ‘Shadow Function’ and past lives as well as ‘missed steps’ in evolutionary astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and Past life Astrology.

Advanced Chiron Astrology is a major study
Predictive Astrology: Transits, Progressions. Evaluation of Age Point Progression and Nodal Age Point. Age Point through houses, signs and aspects. Age Points modalities, elements and crosses. Midpoints and ‘Transits to midpoints’
Advanced study of Nature v Nurture
Strength of planets in houses and signs, Dynamic Calculations: Modalities and elements in Nature v. Nurture.
The family model in the birth chart: The planets as family role figures. Also Generational Astrology if you wish (often a key element in your understanding your destiny)
Astrological Counselling and practice.

See: http://www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com/level-2-course-details.html

Course Details: